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Tenth Frame Products - Original Logo (1996-2022)

From Palmdale to Paradise...

Tenth Frame - Original Palmdale, CA Location

One day Pro Shop operators Jim Tilton and Nick Melnikoff felt that they could make an impact in the finger insert market by offering a lower priced insert than what was currently offered. They started development of this new product and soon felt they were ready to offer their first product under the Tenth Frame brand. It was 1996 that their first inserts hit the market. The brand soon found modest traction within the industry with a variety of colors of this sole product.

It wasn't long after starting production that Nick had an idea of his own... the booming world of internet based sales. He soon sold a majority of his stake to Jim, keeping only a small interest in the brand. This move left the day to day operations to Jim, who carried on in Palmdale by himself. By 2001, Nick had relocated to Elk Grove, CA (near Sacramento) and set up his new venture,

Fast forward to 2012 and Nick had become a major player and pioneer in online bowling retail. With his success and Jim's desire to retire, Nick was able to re-purchase the Tenth Frame brand. He had already built another "house brand" for Bowlers Paradise (Elite) and envisioned that he could do something similar with Tenth Frame. With being an established retailer, and his popular website offering new sales opportunities, he then expanded Tenth Frame from just one product type into a much more broad range, include bowling bags, shoes and accessories.

... what's Next!

Next Gen Bowling - logo

Over the next few years, Tenth Frame continued to grow with Nicks business ventures, including a move to a larger warehouse in Sacramento, CA. As COVID hit in 2020, Nick found himself contemplating retirement and moved the business back to Elk Grove. This move would be only a few blocks away from where he had started and close to another growing bowling company, Next Gen Bowling.

Next Gen had also established a warehouse in the Elk Grove area in 2015, ironically, in the same building where Bowlers Paradise had gotten it's start, albeit in another space. By 2022, Nick had agreed to sell the Tenth Frame brand to Next Gen Bowling. This move meant that the brand would continue as a CA based company, and in the very building where it had flourished a decade prior.

For 2023, we have re-introduced Tenth Frame with a fresh look under the umbrella of Next Gen Bowling. We've given the line a revamped look with higher quality products and improved packaging, yet are still keeping with the 25+ year tradition of offering an extreme value to you, the bowler. You will now find Tenth Frame products in your favorite pro shop and most of the major online retailers. Being our own manufacturer, we will continue to add new and exciting offerings to the brand for years to come.

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